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We're thrilled to offer our stunning solid color flower globes! Explore our vibrant color palette and let your creativity soar as you create the perfect custom order. Reach out to us today for all the details on how to make your dreams a reality and delight your customers with these gorgeous blooms!

Red Flower Globe

Solid Red Flower Globe

This classic solid red flower globe is what started it all. A staple and necessity to any flower globe mix and all-time favorite. This color can also be found in the Everyday Flower Globes Series.

Yellow Flower Globe.jpg

Sunny Yellow Flower Globe

Our bright and Sunny Yellow Flower Globe is also another staple. A color whose demand for has only grown!


Royal Blue Flower Globe

The Royal Blue Flower Globe is a long held classic. This color is a staple to the Everyday Flower Globe Series

Blush Flower Globe

Blush Flower Globe

The Blush Flower Globe made it's first appearance during the Mother's Day Flower Globe Series and has found its way to stay. 

Hot Pink Flower Globe

Hot Pink Flower Globe

Our Hot Pink Flower Globe will light up your color scheme. This Everyday Flower Globe Series staple is ready to add some Hot Pink back in your life.

Purple Flower Globe

Purple Flower Globe

Don't be fooled by the simple name. The Purple Flower Globe is also an Everyday Flower Globe Series staple and will have you dreaming of lavender.

Lemon-Lime Flower Globe_edited.jpg

Lemon-Lime Flower Globe

Our Lemon-Lime Flower Globe is a newer addition to the ever expanding flower globe series. We love the bright neon green it exudes!

Lite Mint Flower Globe_edited.jpg

Lite Mint Flower Globe

Need a dash of green in your life? Add the Lite Mint Flower Globe to your order for a cool refreshing spin to your color palettes.

Lucky Green Flower Globe_edited.jpg

Lucky Green Flower Globe

A St. Patrick's Day Classic. This Lucky Green Flower Globe will have you believing in the power of four leaf clovers.

Blue-Green Flower Globe_edited.jpg

Blue-Green Flower Globe

Is it Blue? Is it Green? This Blue-Green Combo has been making its way up the ranks in popularity. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add it to your next order.


Deep Ocean Blue Flower Globe

The Hope Diamond has nothing on this rich Deep Ocean Blue Flower Globe. 


Deep Purple Flower Globe

A fall favorite making its way to our year-round lineup. Try this gorgeous deep purple for your next order.


Evermore Red Flower Globe

A new take on a fan favorite. The Evermore Red Flower Globe is a deeper red to our Solid Red Flower Globe. This new addition is surely to capture the hearts of many.


Orange Flower Globe

The Orange Flower Globe is a perfect combo of rich and bright to accent any setting. A summer and fall favorite, make sure to stock up on these beauties.


Black Onyx Flower Globe

A full black flower globe. The Black Onyx Flower Globe made its first appearance in the Simple Elegance Flower Globe Mix. Grab this for all the spooky and refined fun.

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